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50 GPCRs in place so far, 45 stable cell lines
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Large Molecule Bioanalytical Services
BioDuro-Sundia’s large molecule bioanalysis platform evolves from our in vitro and in vivo small molecule ADME/DMPK research services.
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Radioisotope Laboratory
BioDuro-Sundia’s radioisotope laboratory in Jiangsu, China can purchase and use unsealed radioactive materials for radiometric experiments and to conduct R&D services for in vitro pharmacological efficacy testing based on isotope methods
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Drug Substance(Shanghai Site)
Process Chemistry; GMP & NON-GMP kilo lab; Preparation; Flow Chemistry; Process Analytical; Pre-formulation; NMR; ARD Stability lab.
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Large Molecule Bioanalysis Services
BioDuro-Sundia’s large molecule bioanalysis DMPK/ADME platform provides representative research services to a variety of molecular modalities including mAbs, ADC, oligonucleotides, large or small molecule biomarkers or metabolites, proteins and peptides.
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