BIO International Convention
Date: June 5-6 Location: Boston, MA, USA
Discovery Europe
Date: June 6-7 Location: Berlin, Germany
BOS Basel
Date: June 8–9 Location: Basel, Switzerland
European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)
Date: June 12-15 Location: Turin, Italy
CPHI China 2023
Date: June 19-21 Location: Shanghai, China
Next Generation Degraders & Glues 2023
Date: June 20-22 Location: London, UK
Date: June 21 Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Controlled Release Society
Date: July 24-28 Location: Las Vegas, NV
Pharma ChemOutsourcing
Date: Sep 6-8 Location: Parsippany, NJ
Contract Pharma
Date: September 21-22 Location: New Brunswick, NJ
EASL NAFLD Summit 2023
Date: September 21-23 Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Discovery on Target (DOT)
Date: September 25-28 Location: Boston, MA, USA
Formulation & Delivery US
Date: October 2-3 Location: San Diego, USA
Drug Discovery
Date: October 18-19 Location: Liverpool, UK
Date: October 22-25, 2023 Location: Orlando, Florida
CPHI Worldwide 2023
Date: October 24-26 Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: November 6–8 Location: Munich, Germany
Nordic Life Science Days
Date: November 29-30 Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Join our Webinar
Accelerating PROTACs Drug Discovery with One-Stop TPD Solutions: This webinar discusses high-throughput screening for protein-targeting compounds and showcases our TPD platform. It also highlights our chemistry synthesis service for PROTACs drug discovery.
Date: June 14 | 10am ET | 7am PT | 4pm CET | 10pm CST
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