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A stellar compliance record following global standards

BioDuro-Sundia, an Advent International portfolio company is a trusted, leading contract research, development, and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) for over 28 years. We provide our biotech and pharmaceutical partners with fully integrated services to support their efforts from target identification to commercial drug product manufacturing. The company is based in the US and China with nearly 3,000 employees and 7 global sites across 6 cities.

Core expertise includes small and large molecule discovery, development and scale-up, support for IND submission, and unique technology platforms such as bioavailability enhancement of insoluble compounds. The one-stop shop operation helps biotech and pharma partners across the globe to significantly accelerate discovery and de-risk development to create higher value outcomes. We adhere to one global highest standard of compliance and business operation code. Science-driven, customer-oriented, flexible, people-focused culture enables us to provide top-tier integrated, fast and flexible tailored services to our customers to meet their unique needs and accelerate development timelines.

Since Operation
Active Projects
Staff Worldwide
Active Customers
Facilities Across 6
Cities Globally
Our Mission
To be the TRUSTED partner delivering world-class drug discovery,
development and manufacturing services
We always take responsibility for our actions and behavior and conduct ourselves to established metrics of high performance.
We deeply respect our employees and clients, within a family structure, based on equality and understanding.
We know we may face adversity, but will never give up, but persevere to succeed.
We establish clear measures of success and deliver results to our internal and external stakeholders.
We are honest with ourselves and transparent in our actions and hold Intellectual Property (IP) standards at the highest level.
Global Presence
With focused centers of excellence in the
United States and China
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Our History
We went through multiple successful integrations and have embarked on the next phase of growth to deliver more value to customers

Acquired two US-based commercial drug product manufacturing facilities with over 100,000 sq. ft. and 4 billion doses capacity annually

Completed 1st GMP drug product manufacturing at new R&D center in Wuxi


Acquired Sundia to become BioDuro-Sundia, one of the largest CRDMOs worldwide

300,000 sq. ft. Wuxi facility opened with integrated capabilities across discovery and GMP manufacturing


Advent bought majority of stake and partnered with BioDuro


Acquired Molecular Response (“Tumor Bank”)


BioDuro reacquired from PPD; BioDuro and Formex merged to enable broad range of service offering


Formex joined Bridgewest Group, operating in a 44,000 sq. ft. GMP facility


93,000 sq. ft. Shanghai facility (72,000 sq. ft. lab) opened to meet growing client demand


BioDuro acquired by PPD


Sundia merged with United Pharma


100,000 sq. ft. Beijing site opened –first site in China


BioDuro founded in San Diego by Biotech Investment Group with operations commenced in Beijing


Sundia founded


Formex formed

Business Ethics
Business Conduct and Ethics

At BioDuro-Sundia, we operate with integrity and strict standards of law and business ethics, which are our fundamental guidelines in all locations. We adhere to the business ethics of legal compliance, integrity, and self-discipline, and always strictly comply with laws and regulations related to corporate governance and the Corporate Governance Code with zero tolerance for any form of corruption. We have built a strong security infrastructure that protects and preserves the intellectual property and data of our customers; We are implementing green manufacturing and sustainable operations across our business units, helping to improve the environment and our communities.

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Large Molecule Bioanalysis Services
BioDuro-Sundia’s large molecule bioanalysis DMPK/ADME platform provides representative research services to a variety of molecular modalities including mAbs, ADC, oligonucleotides, large or small molecule biomarkers or metabolites, proteins and peptides.
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