Q&A: How a highly clinically translatable NASH model helps new drug discovery

Explore how a highly translatable NASH model aids new drug discovery, offering precise insights into nonalcoholic steatohepatitis treatment effectiveness.
March 15, 2024

IDD Explained: An Interview with BioDuro-Sundia’s Head of Integrated Drug Discovery Services, Dr. Frank Ruebsam

Integrated drug discovery (IDD) describes an approach where companies utilize an external service provider (CRO, CDMO, or integrated CRDMO such as BioDuro-Sundia) to perform all steps of a new drug di
November 10, 2023

Q&A: Building new models for preclinical in vivo immuno-oncology efficacy studies

Q&A: Developing innovative models for assessing immuno-oncology efficacy in preclinical studies conducted in vivo.
July 25, 2023

Q&A: Process chemistry for IND filing support

BioDuro-Sundia is proud to highlight the Head of Process R&D Qixuan Lu’s insights on the topic of Process chemistry for IND filing support and welcome you to explore BioDuro-Sundia Process Chemistry Services.
May 06, 2023

FAQ: Controlled release

​Controlled release is a drug delivery mechanism that allows for the gradual release of a drug into the body over a specific period of time.
March 11, 2023

Solution Engine 2.0

Our upgraded platform utilizes only mg amounts of API to screen amorphous solid dispersion technologies and now has extra screening capabilities for controlled and delayed release formulations.
March 11, 2023

Strategic control of genotoxic impurity in innovative drug development

Explore insights from Dr. Jingli Wang on genotoxic impurity controls in process development at BioDuro-Sundia. Discover our R&D services today.
March 11, 2023

Benefits of using a CRDMO

CRDMOs are staffed by trained professionals who are experienced in working with clinical research data.
March 11, 2023
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