ESG Commitments

We care about sustainability and social responsibility

Facing the challenges of environmental, health, poverty and other crises, BioDuro-Sundia actively practices corporate social responsibility and actively contributes to human well-being while ensuring the sustainable and stable development of its business.

We adhere to high standards of compliance and quality worldwide.

At the same time, we align our ESG management strategy with many of the world's leading standards and strive to create stable long-term value for our employees, customers and society.

BioDuro-Sundia has signed the commitment and working on our own SBTi target. Expected to be approved by 2025.
Successful EcoVadis assessment in 2023.
Radiometric assay
BioDuro-Sundia is able to undertake preclinical studies related to radionuclide markers including 35S, 32P, 33P, 125I, 14C, 3H, providing an integrated platform for compound screening and MOA verification
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