This webinar was presented in November 2023. Please enjoy the recording and contact us if you have any questions.

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical development, a multitude of new chemical entities (NCEs) are discovered daily. This constant influx presents formulators with the ongoing challenge of addressing issues related to solubility and permeability, as well as the need for modified release delivery, often with only milligrams of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) at their disposal.

Learn how to leverage predictive tools to select formulations with the highest likelihood of success. You’ll discover key methods and solutions for expediting the screening process and facilitating seamless scale-up to clinical trial material (CTM) manufacturing.

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Learn about our Speaker
Dr. Firouz Asgarzadeh
Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutics, Formulation, Analytical and Process Development
28+ years in CRDMO R&D, specializing in bioavailability enhancement, amorphous solid dispersion and modified release formulation and process development. Formerly Formulation Director at Evonik and Principal Scientist at Merck, and Senior Scientist at Catalent Pharma, AAPS (co)chair (EFG, CROFG and QbD FG), and Ph.D. graduate in Polymeric Materials.
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