June 19, 2024 10:00am ET / 07:00am PT / 04:00pm CET

Peptides are emerging as a promising modality in different areas, such as GLP-1 analogues, PDC, PPI inhibitors, and more. Join us for this timely discussion to learn about the great progresses being made with cyclic peptides specifically, and the latest strategies and solutions available for comprehensive synthetic peptide discovery. 

Learn how you can rapidly synthesize complicated linear and cyclic peptides, incorporating both natural and tailor-made unnatural amino acids. You’ll also discover how to leverage Physiochemical and biological assays, as well as DMPK studies, to evaluate these compounds. Don’t miss out!

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Learn about our speakers
Yuyan CHEN
Director of Chemistry, Discovery BioDuro-Sundia
Dr. Chen joined BioDuro-Sundia in 2007, leading a team in establishing a versatile peptide synthesis platform and optimizing catalyst screening for cross-coupling reactions. With expertise in synthesizing various compounds, she has successfully delivered over 10,000 library targets. Her team's outstanding performance earned them the "Star Team" award. Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry and continues to contribute significantly to the field.
Wanyong FENG
Vice President of DMPK, Discovery BioDuro-Sundia
Dr. Feng, who joined BioDuro in 2018, leads the DMPK department with 23 years of expertise in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and bioanalytical chemistry. He has been instrumental in assessing compound properties, lead optimization, and preclinical candidate selection across various therapeutic areas. With a Ph.D. in chemistry, Dr. Feng has authored numerous publications and serves as a reviewer for scientific journals.
Jingjing ZHU
Associate Director of Integrated Biology, Discovery BioDuro-Sundia
Jingjing Zhu joined BioDuro-Sundia in June 2016 and led a team focusing on advanced in vitro research platforms for various types of compounds. Her team optimized multiple high-throughput screening techniques and created innovative stable cell lines both domestically and internationally. Notably, they successfully generated stable cell lines for various targets within tight deadlines, earning recognition with the "Star Team" award. Before BioDuro-Sundia, Zhu gained experience at Wuxi AppTec, Indiana University, and the University of Miami.
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Webinar: New Modality - Peptides Innovations and a Comprehensive Synthetic Peptide Drug Discovery Platform
June 19, 2024 at 10am ET / 07am PT / 04pm CET
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