Shanghai, April 18, 2019 – Sundia will hold a session conference with Oscotec Inc. Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc. and U-Chem at BioKorea in the morning of April 18th, 2019. We invited Dr. Jung-Ho Kim ,(Executive Director, CTO)of Oscotec Inc. and Dr. Sang Uk Kang,( SVP, Head of R&D) of Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc. to share their views about how CRO companies can help pharmaceutical companies to better and faster get approved on IND Filing. We welcome you to participate in and discuss with us.

Date: Wednesday,April 18th 9:00~12:00,2019

Room: 301

Partnering to success on IND filing


A Start up’s Approach from Discovery to Development

  1. Jung-Ho Kim , Executive Director, CTO.   Oscotec Inc.


Drug Development Strategy in NRDO Biotech Company

  1. Sang Uk Kang, Ph.D., SVP, Head of R&D.  Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc.


Coffee break


Points ofConsideration to US FDA IND in CMC

Dr. Hui-Yi Shiao, Director, Regulatory Affair. Sundia MediTech Company, Ltd.


Panel Discussion

  1. Jung-Ho Kim, Dr. Sang Uk Kang,  Dr. Hui-Yi Shiao,  David Kwon



Also we will exhibit from Apr 17th to 19th. Our booth number is #K22.

Venue: COEX, Seoul,Korea

To make an appointment, please contact us via email

Find more information at

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