Session conference—BioKorea

Join Sundia at BioKorea for a session with industry leaders from Oscotec, Bridge Biotherapeutics, and U-Chem on accelerating IND filings through CRO partnerships
April 18, 2019

BioDuro partners with Advent International

BioDuro partners with Advent International to accelerate growth in global drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services. Moving you Forward.
January 15, 2019

Sundia Receives “2018 Best Outsourcing Partner Award”

Sundia earns the '2018 Best Outsourcing Partner Award' for excellence in integrated CRO services, recognized by Oscotec Inc. and Genosco | BioDuro-Sundia
January 14, 2019

Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) Services at BioDuro

Explore BioDuro's advanced CADD platform in Beijing, enhancing drug discovery efficiency through cutting-edge computational chemistry and AI technologies
October 10, 2018

BioDuro Launches New Drug Discovery Site in San Diego, CA

BioDuro launches a cutting-edge drug discovery center in San Diego, CA, focusing on translational oncology and immuno-oncology to accelerate clinical advanceme
October 09, 2018
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