BioDuro-Sundia’s Partner, DigmBio Announced IND Clearance from Korea MFDS for its Selective PARP1 Inhibitor DM5167

Shanghai, March 26, 2024 – BioDuro-Sundia's partner, DigmBio, a South Korean biotechnology company, announced its selective PARP1 inhibitor for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer has b
March 26, 2024

StoneWise Awards BioDuro-Sundia FTE team in Chemistry Department for Best Contributing Team of 2023

Beijing, February 6th, 2024 – The technical services of BioDuro-Sundia FTE team of Chemistry Department were once again recognized by its partners. StoneWise representatives Guanglong Sun, Director of
February 06, 2024

Inna Pharma Presents "2023 Outstanding Partner Award" to BioDuro-Sundia CMC Team

Shanghai, December 26, 2023 - The technical services of BioDuro-Sundia CMC department were once again recognized by its partners. Xu Wang, Director of Inna, Biguang Zhong, Executive Director, and Lili
December 26, 2023

Asieris Pharmaceuticals Presents "2023 Outstanding Contribution Award" to BioDuro-Sundia Formulation Team

Shanghai, December 15, 2023 - The pre-formulation team of BioDuro-Sundia Formulation Department has been awarded the "2023 Outstanding Contribution Award" for its outstanding performance in
December 15, 2023

BioDuro-Sundia Radioisotope Laboratory Technology Upgrades Accelerate Innovation

Shanghai, November 15, 2023 – Radioisotope assays a microanalytical method that uses radionuclides as tracers to label research objects. Compared with conventional biological sample detection tec
November 15, 2023
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